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FSI established a business in Kenya in early 2011 in order to deliver projects in East Africa and also to recruit Kenyan personnel for projects in the Middle East.  Based in Nairobi, but with a network spreading across the entire country, FSI Kenya is uniquely placed to assist companies with a range of training support solutions.


FSI Worldwide (Kenya) Limited is led by Managing Director Peter Hill (pictured centre, whilst leading a training mission in Sierra Leone).  Peter an ex-British Army officer, born in Kenya and with extensive experience throughout Africa.  In addition to Peter’s extensive military experience, he also served with a Paramilitary unit of the Singapore Police before joining FSI in 2010. A fluent Swahili and Nepali speaker, Peter has a deep understanding of East Africa and the challenges of doing business there.  He is supported by a General Manager, Tor Frost, who was born and raised in East Africa, but has a lot of experience in the delivery of security training services in Pakistan. Peter and Tor have an excellent team of carefully selected Kenyans working for them to deliver the highest quality of product.

FSI Kenya presently has personnel deployed to South Sudan for security mentorship and training functions.  This project has been ongoing for more than two years and the benefit harvested is a good working knowledge of that environment.  Additionally, the company has Kenyans working for the US Government in Afghanistan and Iraq, and before these people leave for their places of work FSI ensures that they are fully trained and prepared for those countries and their duties.  The company has also deployed personnel for maritime work involving a temporary presence in Mogadishu, Somalia.

FSI Kenya is very well equipped to breakdown a complicated training requirement, assess what is required and determine how, where and when the different components are to be executed.  FSI will deliver both long and short training courses to individuals and to groups, of all nationalities.  The development of security policies and procedures, the implementation of these and subsequent auditing of this falls firmly within the skill sets and experience of the staff.


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