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Children Rescued & Traffickers Arrested in Kathmandu

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This evening Freedom Matters' Nepal partner organisation, Sano Paila, conducted a successful rescue operation in Kathmandu that led to the arrest of two traffickers and spelt freedom for two children.

Details are still coming in, but I am advised that the Sano Paila team. led by the fearless Shailaja, swooped on an address in Bouddha on the outskirts of Kathmandu following an address tip-off from a villager in south Nepal. The team, which was accompanied by local police, was in search of two missing children. Beforehand one of the Sano Paila staff had phoned the number that they'd been given for the (husband and wife) traffickers pretending that they wanted a child for domestic service; the trafficker obligingly gave directions to his house! At the house, after some initial denials, the trafficker finally confessed his name and crimes to the police personnel. The two children were found and reunited with their mother and uncle who had joined the rescue team. Other children were found as well; the house was collocated with a carpet factory which was the children's trafficking destination.

The traffickers and rescued children were then taken to the Bouddha Police station. On the way to the station the boy told his rescuers how he was beaten up by the traffickers if he made any mistakes while making the carpet. The girl was also beaten up but once they realised she was not good at carpet making was given the job of cooking for everyone.

The traffickers are spending tonight in police cells and will be charged in the morning while the rescued children and family members will be accommodated at our Kathmandu office. The aim tomorrow will be to transfer the case to Bara District in the south where it will be easier to collect evidence against these two who are major traffickers and who have been active for a very long time.

Congratulations everyone.

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