FSI has a wealth of experience in the management of workforces. We have a deep understanding of the cultures and languages of our candidates. This understanding helps us to provide our clients with tailored management and consultancy services, which result in efficient, trouble free work places and happy, motivated and productive personnel.

In addition to providing clients with assistance in the management of their workforce, FSI provides payroll services, welfare management in source countries, and travel administration.


Reception - An FSI director or senior manager works with the client to receive and induct incoming personnel onto new contracts.

Payroll - FSI ensures that personnel receive 100% of their salary on time every month into a secure bank account in their home country.

Travel - FSI assists in the planning and management of travel schedules, including booking flights, organising visas and providing proactive travel management services in transit locations.

Health Issues - In the event of a recruit falling ill whilst on the contract, they will initially be assessed locally to identify the seriousness of the problem. Thereafter, if MEDEVAC or CASEVAC services are required, FSI assists with this and ensures that the recruit is seen at the most appropriate hospital or clinic in their home location. FSI also advises the client as to whether the individual is fit to return to the project or should be replaced.

Other Welfare Issues - FSI provides support to employees families, investigates compassionate cases and manages any compassionate travel. FSI can recruit temporary replacements where required.

Insurance - FSI can procure and manage approproate and effective insurance cover.

Leadership Visits - FSI operations team visits projects on a qurterly basis. This provides the opportunity to get first hand feedback from the client, meet and evaluate the personnel, and discuss any issues that may have arisen.

Performance Evaluations - FSI conducts accurate performance evaluations of all personnel to help idenitify candidates for promotion and development. This acts as a significant motivating factor for all personnel.

Rapid Response - FSI provides rapid response leadership for urgent operational issues either over the telephone or in person.


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