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FSI’s extensive in-house training capability delivers a number of workforce training services to clients looking to ensure that their candidates have the skills and experience needed to do the job right.  Working with technical institutions in our source labour countries, FSI can deliver skills testing and pre deployment training services matched to the client’s exact requirements. 

Skills testing ensures that the candidate has the skills and experience they claim to possess and can be tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements.  Training will be conducted in the candidates own language so that the only variable becomes their practical ability rather than their ability to understand the instruction.  English language testing can also be conducted to ensure that candidates have the ability to operate at the required level of language proficiency.

Pre deployment training curriculums can be developed in conjunction with the client remotely before being delivered as an integral part of a recruitment project.  This ensures as close a match as possible between the client’s requirements and the training syllabus.  Bespoke training interventions can also be delivered on the work site to bring up the standard of a workforce or to deliver training for new skills.


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